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          Sway to its rhythm, tap into the neighborhood’s heartbeat, visit landmarks and meet its courageous trailblazers who built a thriving community. Newtown is a resilient community undergoing revitalization and redevelopment. It has a rich legacy and is located on Florida’s Cultural Coast considered “the cultural center of the southeastern United States.

          Newtown’s history

          Dignity, Courage and Determination

          Your search is over! Actually, the first step of your study about how Newtown developed and grew is done. A team of experts made your work easier. Historians, a cultural anthropologist, architectural historian and preservationist joined volunteers in combing the area’s archives and repositories to collect information about Newtown and Overtown’s history.

          Residents shared their photographs, treasured memories and memorabilia.

          Over 400 primary and secondary source documents about life in two of Sarasota’s oldest communities were found. We hope our work will increase your curiosity, raise more questions and spark new discoveries.

          Newtown’s Timeline

          Newtown’s evolution over the last century
          For over 100 years, African American residents played a major role in the development of Sarasota. Black labor cleared snake infested land for real estate developers, laid railroad ties, harvested celery, helped plat golf courses and labored in the homes of Sarasota’s influential power brokers cooking, cleaning, ironing and rearing children.
          Understanding local African American history is so important, especially now. We tailor group tours according to the date that works best for organizations. Seats are available for individuals always. There are no daily tours. Email us about the next tour: newtownalivesrq@gmail.com

          Price: $40 Online payments accepted via PayPal.

          Buck O'Neil - Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Speech


          Sarasota County Schools Unveils Statue of Groundbreaking Educator

          Newtown Alive and Sarasota County Schools this weekend unveiled a bronze plaque cast in the likeness of Mrs. Dorothye Smith that will adorn the front of Southside Elementary School for generations to come. After completing her education at Bethune-Cookman University, Smith began her career in Sarasota teaching African-American fourth graders at Emma E. Booker Elementary […]

          Back to Angola Festival to Celebrate Historic Ties Between The Bahamas and Bradenton, FL

          “The Oak Tree Community Outreach, a local not-for-profit corporation, is hosting ?an international event July 19-21 at?The Curry House at?Reflections of Manatee Inc.,?1305 4th Ave East,?with historical? significance to The Bahamas and Bradenton, Florida. The Back to Angola Festival? will celebrate the blended history of Red Bays, Bahamas, and the early 1800s community known as […]

          Lost and found: A haven for former slaves

          “After reading a short passage from Canter Brown Jr.’s book, “Florida’s Peace River Frontier,” Vickie Oldham was so startled she had to read the passage again. And then again. And again. “I wanted to commit it to memory,” she says. Oldham, who grew up in southwest Florida, had always been a student of the area’s […]

          Get to Know Newtown Through its History

          “The African American community in Sarasota known as Newtown is a local gem containing the rich history of people, places and events that contributed greatly to the development of our beautiful city by the sea.” Read more from this overview of Newtown Alive from Visit Sarasota: https://www.visitsarasota.com/get-know-newtown-through-its-history

          Oldham and Williams: Newtown needs an arts center and museum

          “Cultural arts centers, museums and libraries situated in the heart of African American neighborhoods add texture, vibrancy and richness to a community. The facilities bring diverse people together and invite residents, visitors and guests to venture into underrepresented communities. Welcome doors swing open both ways for an understanding and exploration of the unknown and unfamiliar. […]

          From a secret history to a tourist attraction

          (Featured photo: Fred Barber at the Ace Theater. Courtesy Jetson Grimes Collection.) “For many retirees new to Sarasota, local history is high on the list of topics to explore — from landmarks like The Ringling and Historic Spanish Point to written chronicles of the real estate fortunes made and lost here. But in recent years, […]

          Learn More About the Integration of Sarasota Beaches

          “Following the 1954 landmark decision Brown vs. The Board of Education of Topeka, which ruled “separate but equal” unconstitutional, one of the first goals of the Sarasota NAACP was the establishment of a Negro beach. Because all north Sarasota beaches were for whites only, blacks had to go to an area adjacent to the Venice […]

          Want To See Photos From Overtown Heritage Day?

          Overtown Heritage Day, a re-dedication ceremony of the “First Black Community” historic marker, was held Sunday, May 19, 2019. Former Overtown residents returned to their community with Rosemary District and Sarasota Residents to honor the early African American pioneers who built the town’s infrastructure. Want to see more great photos from Overtown Heritage Day? Visit […]

          Erased no more: In Sarasota’s Rosemary, a reminder of what came before

          (Featured photo:?Nighttime in the Rosemary District. Courtesy Vickie Oldham Collection.) “Overtown was established in 1885, a year after the first African-American settler arrived in Sarasota. But it took 100 years for the site to be acknowledged with an official historical marker. This sign — removed for safekeeping during the feverish construction that has transformed the […]

          Suncoast View Looks Back at Overtown’s Impact on Suncoast History

          “The Rosemary District is exploding with new development, and the ribbon-cutting is scheduled this weekend for the new Rosemary Square. But as we look toward the future, it’s also important to remember this area’s rich and diverse past.” Watch coverage from Suncoast View about Overtown, Sarasota’s first African American community: https://www.mysuncoast.com/video/2019/05/17/we-look-back-overtown-impact-suncoast-history-suncoast-view/?fbclid=IwAR2dp1zysu7VcbgVWAZCeHrvkur__ngoC-fFe0zC7FPFObXEbt-rMqE28f0

          SNN News: Rosemary Square celebrates Overtown Heritage Day

          (Featured photo courtesy of INSTUDIO E PHOTO.) “It has all the makings of a good old fashion block party complete with food, dancing, and face painting. The message behind the festivities digs deeper into Sarasota’s past, officially naming Sunday May 19th?as ‘Overtown Heritage Day’.” Read more from SNN News coverage about Overtown Heritage Day: https://www.snntv.com/story/40499606/rosemary-square-celebrates-overtown-heritage-day

          Herald Tribune: Overtown Heritage Day among “Top 10 Things To Do This Weekend”

          (Featured photo courtesy of INSTUDIO E PHOTO.) Overtown Heritage Day, celebrating the first African American community in Sarasota, was one of the “Top 10 Things To Do This Weekend” from May 17-19, according to the Sarasota Herald Tribune. The event was listed as number three on the list. Read more: https://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20190517/top-10-things-to-do-this-weekend-in-sarasota-bradenton-venice-may-17-19?fbclid=IwAR3XQMs8nIPf8pJQq2xiovmfjSfoUJ2K7rZ8Mgzwq4SzHV7RZqDqb3bwWMQ  

          In Memoriam: Rev. Wade Harvin Jr.

          Wade Harvin’s favorite memories of Sarasota occurred when the family moved to Delson Quarters in June of 1945. He grew up surrounded by charming, caring neighbors and playmates whose eyes were always set on achieving what seemed impossible.

          In this spirit, Harvin went on to become the first African American branch manager of Coast Federal Bank and participated in the 1960’s sit-ins to integrate Lido Beach. He would not step foot on its sand for many years to follow as a result of a hateful act, but because of the efforts of him and many others, all people today can enjoy the beautiful shores.

          Rev. Wade Harvin Jr. passed away on April 10, 2019, but his impactful legacy will always be remembered by the community.

          Pictured above: Wade Harvin

          Get the Book!

          Newtown’s evolution over the last century

          A new book about the history of Sarasota’s African American community is now available. Find out why early settlers came to the tiny fishing village, how they made a living, and why they organized a self-sustaining neighborhood. The book also describes their religious and social traditions, medical and military history and their emphasis on education. Whether you are new to Sarasota, a frequent visitor, an educator, historian or a longtime resident trying to connect the dots in your family tree, we believe the personal stories of courage, dignity and determination of Newtown and Overtown residents will be enlightening and inspiring.

          The men and women fought for equal rights, triumphed over Jim Crow segregation, KKK intimidation, and vigilante violence. A diverse group of historians, community scholars, a cultural anthropologist, historical architect and preservationist and volunteer researchers united to present the glorious history of strivers who refused to give up.

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